3. Results

3. Results

3.1  Experimental Sites

The sites where we used to conduct the experiments in the School of Science and Technology,Singapore’s was the Research Laboratory.

3.2   Experiment 1, Experiment 2, Experiment 3 & Average

The eight setups were left in the cardboard box for 24 hours and the experiment was repeated three times to ensure the reliability of this experiment. We recorded the results by measuring the length of the amount of oxygen produce by putting a ruler beside the test tubes. We placed the results in a graph below.

                                           Fig 3.1
High Eff. Red
Incandescent White
Cool White
6500 + K
High Eff. Green
Super Blue
Purple (around the same as red)
Dark (no light)
Figure 3

The graph above shows that white is the most effective light for photosynthesis. The effectiveness of the other lights are in the order of Blue, Red, Purple(Red+ Blue), Warm White, Green, Amber. And of course there is the control Dark(With no light).

 3.3   Special Observation 

 We made a very interesting observation during the experiment. We observed that  Amber light was found to produce the least oxygen despite its greater wavelength as compared to Red, Blue and Purple (red+blue).

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